Norway. Known for dramatic fjords, the Northern Lights, and world famous indigenous blue parrots – and now as my first ever CTF (Capture The Flag) competition host!

I didn’t really know what to expect; I’m somewhat new to this hacking lark and what I find hardest is an entry point pitched at the right level for beginners. TG:HACK 2020 was a fantastic place to start –  there are tutorial challenges in the run up to the event which hold your hand through some of the concepts – I also found it worthwhile to go back through the tutorials from the previous two years (albeit you cannot run the challenges themselves any longer). The challenge runs every Easter – this years challenges remain open for a while on the site.

I managed to complete a few of the harder challenges (with varying degrees of patience and hints from my team-mate x0r-c0d3r (thanks man!) This really boosted my confidence – these hacking concepts are certainly not beyond my reach!

I’ve completed some write-ups of my solutions for some of the challenges (the solutions are now public on and therefore all password protections have now been removed). These won’t be the most sophisticated, elegant or quickest I’m sure, but they follow my learning path and may be of use to others at the same level.

Game of Keys (Reversing Python script – I learnt a LOT from this one!)

Exfiltration – Web Challenge – Cross Site Scripting (XSS)

Bobby – Web Challenge – SQL Injection (SQLi)