Interfacing between technophile and technophobe


This was pitched as an Easy difficulty Forensics challenge. You are provided with a binary called file.what

The process is as follows:

binwalk file.what #identifies a compressed archive and password
binwalk -e file.what #extracts the compressed archive from the binary
cd into the extracted files folder
ls -la #shows zip file and an empty .JPG
7z e #extracts the file prompting for the password recovered earlier
#BUT - doesn't look like Article.jpg is an image!
binwalk Article.jpg #shows series of compressed files (probably a Word .docx)
binwalk -e Article.jpg #extracts the compressed files
cd into the xtracted files folder
#open /word/document in browser 
#Flag is at the bottom of the file - SBCTF{n1c3_c4rv1n6_w3ll_d0n3}

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