Interfacing between technophile and technophobe


This is my solution to the redpwnCTF 2020 reversing challenge ropes. You are presented with a binary file to examine. This challenge was created by the good folks at redpwnCTF and you should definitely check out their site for more.

So, the preamble is actually longer than the solution. Having downloaded the file, I examined it using the strings command.

n00b0t@linux:~$ strings ropes

#This returns about 40 lines of strings, but about half way down, somewhat to my amazement, I noticed the following:

First part is: flag{r0pes_ar3_
Second part is: just_l0ng_str1ngs}

And there you have it – flag{r0pes_ar3_just_l0ng_str1ngs}. Maybe I did get the most efficient solution this time!

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