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Tenable CTF Miscellaneous Challenges

BrokenQR 100

This challenges requires you to rebuild the below damaged QR code

I used the techniques described by @nteezy in this great article; I rebuilt the QR code to the best of my ability in an Excel spreadsheet, then used the QRazyBox tool to analyse and produce binary output that I could convert to human readable format using CyberChef – flag{d4mn_it_w0nt_sc4n}

Reggie McRegex 25

I figured that the flag would likely be a pattern of at least 3 words delimited with underscores. I ran the following grep:
grep -o “flag{[0-9A-Za-z]\+_[0-9A-Za-z]\+_[0-9A-Za-z_]\+}” haystack.txt producing flag{thy_flag_is_this}

Forwards From Grandma 100

This email has a subject line with a LOT of FWD: and RE: plus {} in interesting spots….
It’s Morse Code! FWD = . RE = –

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